The polychrome tympanum of the St. Foy Abbey, representing the scene of the Last Judgment,  is a masterpiece of romanesque art.   It is sheltered by a deep arch which is decorated with a frieze of 124 little figures called the „little inquisitive people..

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In Conques Abbot Oldoric undertook the construction of a romanesque Abbey during the 11th century, on the site of and in place of a monastery of the 8th century. At first dedicated to St Saviour, the Abbey became famous for its devotion to St. Foy. Conques became one of the principal stopover points of the the St James of Compostella pilgrimage. The western facade, with its polychrome tympanum representing the Last Judgment, is a masterpiece romanesque art. The dominant colours are blue (for paradise) and red (for hell). It is decorated with a frieze of 124 figures sheltered by a deep arch. The figures are called the „little inquisitive people“. They are the eternal spectators of the Last Judgment, where heaven and hell, order and disorder, saved and damned confront each other or join together forever.


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