The Alchemist on the balcony

This is the work of a sculptor on the restoration site of Notre Dame de Paris.  The Alchimist is a symbol of Viollet-le-Duc’s work (19th century). It is at once a link with 12th century art and the dedication of Notre Dame de Paris whose iconograpy and statuary are essentially devoted to the work of alchemy.

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This sculpture is a contribution from the restoration site of Notre Dame de Paris undertaken by Viollet-Le-Duc (19th century). In the Middle Ages, alchemy, like sacred architecture, were both called the « Royal Art ». Their vocation was above all to allow human beings to free themselves from their material prison, to conduct a veritable inner change, and not simply an external change. The process of the alchemic work operates through three stages : the « black » stage (descent into hell, dissolution of matter), the « white » stage (purification), and the « red » stage (transmutation of matter by rendering it luminous and incandescent). The feast of the Ascension can be associated with the « white » stage and Pentecost corresponds to the « red » stage. The alchemist represented here watches over the achievement of the alchemic work.


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